Bethany Jackson

Bethany Jackson

Bethany Jackson

Photographing adventurous, authentic souls in Minnesota and nationwide.

Life is an Adventure

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Hey there, I'm Bethany. I love meeting people, celebrating people, and making people feel awesome. My photography is all about authenticity and a sense of adventure!

 With over 10 years experience, I'm here to create photos that are bold, vibrant, authentic, carefree, and full of joy! I want to document the most important times of your life and I want us both to have a blast while we're doing it. I'm all about natural posing, candid moments, and using the vibrant and natural colors that we are surrounded by on this beautiful planet. Our world is just lovely, and so are the people in it! 



I love light. Soft light, hard light, bright light, dim light, morning light, evening light. I love how it enhances our world. I love how it moves, how it works, and how it makes me happy as a little clam!


Call me basic, but I just love the way that a strong, hot cup of fresh coffee can make you feel.


Trevor and Bronny - my loves. They are always expanding my sense of adventure, making me laugh, and showing me in new ways what it means for someone to be there for you at all times. #cheesin'

ThESE guyS

I love my people. I love all of them. Family or friends, they are the ones that keep me going. 

My people

If you haven't found your way up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, I'm going to have to politely ask you to work on that.


I like to keep it simple. All packages for each type of shoot come with the edited, digital favorites as well as printing rights. I edit in a vibrant, bold style based on the classic look of Kodak film photography, and I add black and white copies where I see fit. Read on to see basic pricing structure, and use the contact form so that we get something on the books!


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Starting at $400

I'll meet you in an epic, meaningful location of your choice!


Starting at $350

For family sessions, graduation photos, and any other portrait needs you have.


Starting at $3000

Packages start at 8 hours of coverage with one photographer (yours truly).




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Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I will get back to you as soon as I'm able and we'll get something on the books!